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Wedding General Information

Basic Wedding
* local legal fees
* registrar fees
* marriage license
* marriage certificate
* services of translator
* services of wedding coordinator

Bride & Groom Requirements
* valid passport 
* tourist card (issued upon entry into Mexico)
* medical statement (a simple blood test or note from family physician stating good health)
​* two witnesses each (must provide tourist card & photo id, a witnesses can be supplied locally)

* wedding cake
* sparkling wine
* bridal bouquet & buttonhole packages
* custom photo or video package
* musical pan flute trio
* horse and carriage
* guitarist
* jazz band
* mariachi band
* disc jockey
* bouquet for bridesmaid
* additional buttonhole
* custom wedding cake
* table decoration
* makeup etc.
* hairdresser package
* private sunset sail
* private motor yacht cruise
* various other options

​At the completion of the ceremony official documentation is provided (in Spanish) which you will present to your local registry office to register the marriage.